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Hans was a busy, happy, sweet and fearless three year old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He fought his disease like a "gladiator" for nearly 6 years. Hans was an animal lover to his core. He was 'guarded' at home by his three cats, Black, Orange and Cotton. He also had his Golden Retriever, Honey, to keep him company. Hans enjoyed swimming, biking, gardening, grilling (he had his very own grill!), horseback riding, playing video games, building Legos, and flipping between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. Hans loved all members of his family and he was a loyal friend. He had to go through a lot of treatment in his life. But Hans powered through it. His attitude was let's get this done! His motivation was always to get back home, to his family, pets, favorite foods and pool.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Room Number for Hans

Lara called me and wanted to give out Hans' room number for me to put here. He's in Room 901. Please feel free to send Hans an e-gram by going to the Texas Children's Hospital webpage (under Parent Resource Center, send Patient Greeting), as it's sure to give him encouragement!

Lara said they got in their room about 4'ish today and should start to get going on the chemo very very shortly. She said he's doing good.

Let's pray Hans bounces back better than ever through this one. This amazing little guy has done it in previous rounds!

Bless each and every one of you each day of the New Year,

Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Round Four Starts Thursday

So, Hans is getting admitted into the hospital for Round Four of Chemo tomorrow, Thursday, Dec. 28th (provided his counts are high enough, but I think they will be with the energy he has had lately). This round of Chemo should last about three days. From what I understand, the effects of the chemo start to become cumulative and he may recover a little more slowly, or get hit a little harder this time. The idea is that Hans' counts will come back up and his surgery date is tentatively set for 1/17/06. A good day for your prayers, rosaries and well wishes!
I should mention that we had the good fortunate of staying home for a nice, quiet, mellow Christmas. It felt like a tremendous blessing to be able to stay away from the hospital throughout the entire holiday! I want to thank all our friends and family for their truly generous and thoughtful gifts this Christmas. We all enjoyed it. We even purchased a Cruiser, our "guest bike" for the visitor in the house. At our last check up Hans was cleared to ride in the bike seat again, so we're excited to get back out there!
I'll call Carmen and ask her to update the blog once we get a room tomorrow, so you'll all know how to find us!

Wednesday, December 20, 2006

CT Results look great!

The CT results came back in yesterday. They look great with over 50% shrinkage of his tumor! Also, previous spots on the liver look much better and have almost vanished. So, the plan is to go ahead and give him Round IV of Chemo starting December 28th and then give him several days to recover and do the surgery to remove what's left of the tumor in probably early mid January. It's very nice that we will all be able to be home and have a relatively normal Christmas! My mom is coming in today and will be here through the first, and then our friends Megan and Phil from California are able to come in for a few weeks in January. It'll be nice to have them here while Hans is in the hospital for surgery and recovery!

Monday, December 18, 2006

CT Scan Today

Hans goes in for his CT Scan today. We are pretty optimistic about this just because to the naked eye it looks like his tumor has already shrank quite a bit. After today, they will be able to see how much shrinkage has occurred and determine when and if they can go in and do the surgery. Of course we are praying for the best possible news!

Saturday, December 16, 2006

Elle and Aunt Holly

Dancing The Bear

We got one shot of Hans doing his dance move at the hospital. He calls this The Bear. I think he was inspired from the closing credits of 'Over the Hedge'. The great thing about The Bear is that he'll do it for anyone - all you have to do is ask, music or no music. It's fun that he's feeling well enough to be more of himself at the hospital.

Hungry Hans

Hans received a gift of a gingerbread house during his last admission. He immediately said "I want to eat it" and took a huge bite out of it. He later explained to aunt Holly, "I was really hungry". Speaking of hungry - he has had quite an appetite here at home. He has eaten four PB&J's today and the other night he ate two entire BBQ chicken breasts! I have also been making him scrambled eggs about three times a day.

Hans with the Houston Ballet Nutcracker Ballerinas

Grandpa Dean's Goodbye Hug

We just dropped Grandpa Dean off at the airport. We had a great visit and Dean dodged one heck of a storm up in Washington this weekend! Hans enjoyed his Granpda Time.

The Three Weberling Guys

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Round Three Complete!

We made it home today from a very successful Round Three of Chemo on "Nine West Tower" - our floor and building at Texas Children's Hospital. Hans handled this round very well. He ate the entire time and even picked up some new dance moves right there in his hospital bed. He's working on a move called the bear where he shakes his two hands out front like paws. It's pretty cute. We were just pleased that he didn't let the chemo get him down. The highlights of this round were visits from three ballerinas from the Houston Ballet Nutcracker, various visits and toys from Santa, two groups of Christmas Carollers, one of which was the real live FBI. They gave Hans and Grandpa Dean matching black FBI hats. Grandpa Dean got in yesterday and is here through Saturday. He and Kevin are hoping to get a round of golf in during our current 70 degree weather (sorry Holly! - it was in the 30's here for all but her first day).

Elle went back up to Seattle with Aunt Holly for a whirlwind tour with family and friends and a gig as a Flower Girl for my cousin Linnea's wedding. Next, she's flying as an unaccompanied minor to Phoenix to spend time with Kev's uncle Mark, Aunt Debi and their two girls, Jessa and Kalene, before returning to us in time for Christmas. Elle is having quite a time already. Our friend Shelley took her the play High School Musical with her first ever friend, Greta, and Cousins Colleen and Erin took her to the Aquarium yesterday and it's to the zoo tomorrow. Luckily she had some down time with my grandpa today, baking cookies and reading. Aunt Holly and Uncle Michael got her a cell phone for her solo flight! We miss her, but we've instructed everyone not to spoil her.

The first thing Hans did after getting home was bike to the park with Grandpa Dean. So, he is in great spirits! His blood counts should still get very low over this weekend though, so we should limit his exposure through Monday. The news is that Monday is the day for his next CT scan. They are going to take a look at the shrinkage to see about surgery. Thanks for your thoughts and prayers!
With love, Lara

Thursday, December 07, 2006

Hans's new room number

Hi everyone,
I just received a call from Lara and she said they are in room 925 at Texas Children's this time for those of you who want to go to the TCH webpage and type a message to be delivered to his room. Lara said that Hans is in good spirits and has actually gained 1 kg (2.2 pounds) since his last round of chemo. (I guess that may have something to do with the numerous trips to McDonald's for McNuggets.) For whatever reason it is great that Hans is gaining weight and doing well. Thank you all for your continued prayers.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Wednesday, December 6th

Hi Everyone,
Hans has had a great time at home this week. He has been sending us all on multiple trips to McDonald's. I used to really try to limit how much McDonald's we got, but on Monday I actually went there TWICE for chicken McNuggets for Hans! He has also been really going through the Cool Ranch Dorito's, Red Berry Capri Suns and Cinnamon Toast Crunch Cereal. This is about all he will eat right now. The Doctors told us to expect as much, and that his preferences should change weekly.

I just found out from our friend, Scott Miller, that when you go to Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to give in Hans' name you need to know his DOB (7/15/03) and his hospital (Texas Children's Hospital). The blood bank donations don't have to be a specific type, they only help to replenish the supply, and they do take down the cost our insurance pays for the blood by quite a bit. If I understand correctly we are charged $100 instead of $800 or so for each blood product we use. Hans has been going through 3 or 4 each hospital stay. So, thank you very much if you are able to donate in Hans' name. Thier Woodlands address is: 3091 College Park Drive, Ste. 130 (936) 321-8440.

I also felt like pasting in this amazing list of sponsors for the Run For Hans. Thanks so much to everyone who helped out with that incredible event.
Chick-fil-A-Kendrick, Dean (cow), Jessica and staff
Brooklyn Bagel
Panera Bread
It's A Grind Coffee
Beverage Shoppe
MW Cleaners-
Papa John's
Copy Central
Honey B Ham
Alamo Joe's
Beck's Prime
Brother's Pizza
Nick and Willie's
Bahama Blue
Kid to Kid
Double Dave's
Mi Luna
Fast Frame
JW Tumbles
China Springs
The Tropics of the Woodlands
Cartoon Cuts
Learning Express
Jamba Juice
Interiors with Panache
Bella Rinova
Robyn Petty/Texas Road House
Danny's Trix and Kix
Fast Signs -THEY WERE WONDERFUL-Lisa and Chris Farr
The Villager-Erin Myers
The Houston Chronicle-Roberta McInnis
The Conroe Courier-Jim Fredrichs/Mike Jones
The Chronicle On-line-Laura Isensee
John Walk-Houston Running Blog
Market Street-Online Newsletter
Luke's Locker-Mike Lucas and Susie Schreiber
First Choice Emergency
St Anne's Society
Little Saints Staff
Woodlands Fit
Area Running Clubs
The Woodlands Running Club-Scott Campbell
7 Hill Running Club-Ken Johnson
TNT-Team in Training-Bill Dwyer
Luke's Locker Runners-Susie Schreiber
Sts Simon and Jude
Chase Bank
Playtime for Kids

Thanks again to everyone!

Hans will go back in tomorrow for five days of Chemo. After that, he'll have a CT Scan to see if the tumor is small enough to remove. If so, his surgery may be scheduled before Christmas!

We'll keep you posted.


Saturday, December 02, 2006


So - we did make it home yesterday! As always, Hans is doing great here. He is eating a lot and moving around great. We hope to have six nights at home before round three, on Thursday December 7th. Thanks for all the prayers.

Friday, December 01, 2006

Stem Cell Collection

Hi everyone.
We have good news. They were able to collect enough stem cells yesterday. In fact, yesterday went so well that we have twice as many stem cells as needed. The order was written for 4 million. We collected 1.9 on Wednesday and went back on Thursday and were able to get an additional 6 million stem cells! It just makes me feel good that there is room for some unforeseen error. I'm looking at this as a little miracle of medical science that they are able to harvest so many of his own stem cells for his later transplant. From what I understand, a transplant with your own cells is much safer since the risk of a host/donor reaction isn't present.

It was also fortunate that Kevin's aunt Holly was here to help with Elle this week. We certainly hadn't planned on being admitted all week. We actually had thought the stem cell collection would be done on an outpatient basis. But with his initial fever and then his low counts, they just wanted to keep a close eye on him.

Now we just need to make sure Hans' counts all look good before we are sent home probably today.

Again, thank you for all of your thoughts and prayers. The week of R and R at home is just what we will need before we come back in for more chemo next week.


Monday, November 27, 2006

Thanksgiving Update

Just an update - we were able to have a nice Thanksgiving at home - thanks again to all of you who provided a beautiful and bountiful feast for us! Hans got a bit of a fever on Saturday, so we returned to TCH on Saturday, as per protocol, for 48 hours of observation and preventative anitbiotics. They are now planning on keeping him for possibly a few days longer in order to harvest his stem cells for the "bone marrow transplant" down the road. We are hoping everything goes as smoothly as possible and that Hans can enjoy a week or more at home before getting admitting into the hospital for round three of chemo - Thursday next week.

Sunday, November 19, 2006

Portrait, Fall 2006

This Portrait was taken just 2 1/2 weeks before Hans was admitted into Texas Children's Hospital. I just adore it! J. Isaac Photography took it outside of Hans' preschool, and then generously donated hundreds of wallets to pass out. I have truly enjoyed passing them out. I do have wallets to mail out to our friends and family who live far away. I have even given a couple to our favorite doctors and nurses at TCH.

Home Again!

We have happy news from Houston: Hans was relased from the hospital this morning, pretty much as scheduled. He handled his second round of chemo like a real champ.

He is very indepedent back at home. He is just enjoying his video library which is now quite large thanks to your many kind gifts!

Grandma Kathy goes home tomorrow - but then we go back to the airport just a few hours later to pick up Grandpa Oscar who will spend the Thanksgiving Holiday with us.

Thanks again for all of your thoughts and prayers.

With Love, Lara

Friday, November 17, 2006

Round Two...

Hans has been readmitted into Texas Children’s Hospital for Round Two of Chemo. Hans has handled the readmission remarkably well. He didn’t seem to be traumatized to return. He acted like it was no big deal, just another trip to “The Office,” as he calls the 9th floor of TCH.
During his six days at home he began eating and drinking very well. He was also moving around a lot more. He’d walk through the house and ride his Big Wheel to and from our nearby park! He’d never really even done that before. So, he is in much better shape and general health entering this round of Chemo than he was going into the first. We hope to be released from the Hospital on Sunday morning, to go back home again. As a reminder: Hans’ blood counts are expected to be quite low through the Thanksgiving Holiday Weekend, so he shouldn’t have many visitors during that time.
Thanks to everyone who is keeping Hans in their thoughts and prayers.


Thursday, November 16, 2006

Follow up online for 'Run for Hans'-See Link Below

Blog update on the Run for Hans on Inside The Woodlands blog at http://blogs.chron.com/woodlands/
You can also post a comment there.

Monday, November 13, 2006

PLEASE do yourself a favor...take a look at the following candids taken by Becky Martin...doing this is sure to bring a smile to your face

go to this link - http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AZsmTlm0YuGJ4

Links to other sites

Hi everyone,
There are so many good pictures from the run. You can go to
Becky Martin's great candids at http://share.shutterfly.com/action/welcome?sid=8AZsmTlm0YuGJ4
http://runthewoodlands.smugmug.com and click on "RTW #165" and see what a great event it was. Also you can go to http://houstonrunning.blogspot.com and read "An Incredible Story From the Run for Hans 5K" and "A Rock Concert at Run The Woodlands?" Scroll down farther to "394 Runners at Run for Hans RTW 5K" and "Reports of 300 to 400 at Run for Hans RTW 5K" and read about the run from the perspective of various people involved. The generosity of our community is amazing!

Picture of the Gals..from (L) Kelly,Lara,Marlene,Ginger,Carmen (notice Elle on Left)

Sunday, November 12, 2006

Two more...

Hi again,
I woke up thinking that I forgot to mention my great big thanks to J. Isaac Photography for her generous donation of hundreds of wallet portraits of Hans. I had fun passing them out at the race yesterday!
One more... thanks to my whole dentist's office... Dr. David Cunningham for showing up yesterday morning!
Thanks a bunch,

Saturday, November 11, 2006

What a Great Run for Hans, Thanks to The Woodlands!

I had an incredible time at the Run for Hans today. When we first pulled up to the Race I couldn't believe that there wasn't a place to park! It was totally inspiring to see how many turned out to support Hans' Journey back to health! Thank you!

I have to send the biggest thank you out to Beth Whitehead for putting on this race. How awesome is she? I think her life has been totally turned upside down the past three weeks. She's pretty amazing - and I just met her 4 months ago! I'm glad you sort of get your life back now, Beth. Luke's Locker - you guys are awesome too!

Thanks, also, to Katie and Denise and all the Little Saints staff. It seemed like every teacher was there to give me a big hug. You guys are awesome too! It was nice to see tons of parents and students from there too. It was really neat to meet everyone who had just heard about Hans from a friend or a relative and have been thinking about him.

Thanks to Carmen, Ginger, Marlene, Kelly, Stacey, and Anne and all the mammas from the playgroup for all their volunteer work. Our hearts are really full with gratitude.

I have to echo Ginger in thanking all the restuarants for their contributions - Chick-fil-A, It's a Grind, Shipley's Donuts, Brooklyn's Bagels and Panera bread (Elle's Favorite).

Elle and I were touched that Mrs. Castro and Mrs. Horn (Elle's Teachers) and Mrs. Parker (Elle's teacher from last year) and both her daughters were there! It was great to have our neighbors out there, and Scott taking pictures! And all the Glen Loch (Elle's school) families that came out - and then just good friends to walk with like Anne and Kira, Wendy, Shane, Sidney, and Marianne and Erin. I must say I'm proud of my Girl Scout Troop, 11251, for FINISHING the 5K walk. Way to go girls!!!

What's also incredible is that the great majority of runners and walkers were strangers to me this morning - so that's why I say thanks to The Woodlands and neighboring communities for really stepping up to help out.

Just a few more thank you's - my Mom's friend Pat Kioke of Seattle, WA and my great uncle Dougie Daniels of Goldendale, WA donated frequent flyer miles for sending my mom, Stephanie Cady, down to Texas.

Also -thanks to Kev's aunt and uncle Mark and Debbie Siefertson for the money for the laptop (I was going crazy waiting in line for the hospital computers and there are only two up there!) Also, Kevin's aunt Holly Susterich for flying Elle home for Christmas. And of course, thanks to Kev's mom, Kathy Jurgens, for coming down to visit multiple times - same as my mom! And geez - our Realtor - Sheri Winter Glass of ReMax - just dropped off a very generous donation after reading about us in the paper, thanks, Sheri!

Okay - I hope I haven't left out too many - for now - but I need to give you an update on Hans. He is doing really well at home! He's eating more and moving around more and thanks to a technical difficulty he's not on his TPN until monday (that means no IV at home - which is okay since he is eating and drinking more). He is funny and happy and silly. He is losing a lot of hair, but it doesn't seem to be bothering him too much. I was worried about that since his hair has always been a Big part of his whole identity. That's how people know him. We'll just have to see how it comes back in.
More later...
With Love,

Run for Hans

I just wanted to thank everyone for their tireless efforts to make the "Run for Hans" a success. I personally was overwhelmed by the number of people who came out early on a Saturday morning to run/walk and support the Weberling family. I hope everyone had as great of a time as I did.

I think Beth Whitehead did a wonderful job organizing this event and making it happen. Rich Cooper and the other members of Woodlands Fit did a great job too to help direct runners at intersections and to help the run go smoothly.

There are so many people to thank and I don't have a complete list but I just wanted to list a few: Susie Schreiber and Luke's Locker for their incredible support and expertise; Jon Walk from Houston Running Blog in getting information to the running community; St. Anthony's Little Saints including Jude, Bernie, Jill Tresaugue, Katie Kozak, Denise Hunter, and Denise Oppenheimer for organizing the raffle and set up and break down; Shipley's Donuts, Panera, Brooklyn Bagels, It's a Grind, and Chick-Fil-A for their generous donations of food and beverage (the Chick-Fil-A cow was awesome!); Jason O'Donoghue and Lans Taylor for providing great live music; First Choice ER for providing ambulance service "just in case"; all the companies providing products and services for the raffle; "Elvis" for making an appearance; and Carmen Smiley for everything.

God Bless you all,

Friday, November 10, 2006

Hans is coming home!!

Hi everyone,
Great news! I talked to Lara this morning and she said they are definitely coming home today! Yea!! Lara, Kevin, Elle, and Hans are looking forward to the first night together as a family in a long time. Thank you all again for your continued prayers. We hope to see you all tomorrow morning at Hans's run.

Wednesday, November 08, 2006

In the news ...

The following article appeared in the online version of the Houston Chronicle (www.chron.com):

Nov. 1, 2006, 4:08PM

Woodlands group to run for child with cancer
Event will benefit local 3-year-old who is undergoing chemotherapy


Copyright 2006 Houston Chronicle

The Weberling family thought they were going to leave The Woodlands and move back to California this month.

Instead, their 3-year-old son Hans is undergoing chemotherapy to treat a form of childhood cancer, called neuroblastoma.

Local running, church and other groups, however, have quickly rallied to support the Weberlings.

On Nov. 11, Run The Woodlands, a semimonthly 5K organized by Luke's Locker, will become Run for Hans to benefit the family, who have been involved with various groups since moving to The Woodlands 4 1/2 years ago.

Lara, Hans' mother, teaches 3-year-olds at St. Anthony of Padua's Little Saints Early Childhood Program where Hans went to school. She also leads her daughter's Girl Scout troop and started training to run a half marathon with Woodlands Fit in July while her husband, Kevin, has coached YMCA soccer for the last several years.

"When I found out (about Hans' diagnosis), I thought how could I really, really help this family. It was easy for me to think of, because that's what we do, we run," said Beth Whitehead, who coaches Lara in Woodlands Fit and spearheaded the event.

Run for Hans

The event, sponsored by Woodlands Fit, Luke's Locker and St. Anthony of Padua's Little Saints Early Childhood Program, is expected to draw members from at least five running groups: Team Luke's, a group with Luke's Locker, Team in Training, Woodlands Fit, Hunstville-based 7 Hills and The Woodlands Running Club.

It costs $1 to run and all donations go toward the Weberlings, said Susie Schreiber, manager of Luke's Locker.

In its seventh year, Run The Woodlands draws an average of 50 runners every second and fourth Saturday of the month, Schreiber said. This is the first time the run will raise money for a local family, Schreiber said.

Along with the 5K, there will be a run and games for smaller children, sponsored by St. Anthony of Padua's Little Saints Early Childhood Program, said Denise Hunter, administrative assistant with the program.

"The run, it's just going to help them with the cost this is going to be. And it's going to make the family feel like everybody's behind them," Hunter said.

Community support

The run is just one of several efforts to support the Weberlings.

A mother's group with St. Anthony's has organized meals for the family for the next five months. Friends opened a Hans Weberling Fund with Chase Bank and started a blog at www.hansjourney.blogspot.com to update friends and family about Hans. Fellow parishioners and friends from Sts. Simon and Jude Catholic Church also prepared the Weberling home for Hans' return from the hospital.

"I knew I had a lot of friends that I would be missing, but I had no idea how supportive the community would be ... Their kindness, generosity and selflessness is really overwhelming," said Lara Weberling on the telephone from the hospital.

"The thing I'm most thankful for from everyone is their prayers," she added.

Kevin said the support has made him realize how important it is to take care of each member of the community all the time and not just when something bad happens.

"It's certainly changed our outlook, and it always will. Hopefully it will for others, too, who are chipping in," he said.


Run The Woodlands is Nov. 11 at Barbara Bush Elementary, 7420 Crownridge in Alden Bridge. Children's run and games start at 7:30 a.m., and the adult 5K begins at 8 a.m. The run will include a raffle and other activities.
For more information, call 281-419-0326.

Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Denise Hunter's/Little Saints-St. Anthony's correct email

Please note that the previous email address of dhunter@houston.rr.com is INCORRECT. Please use dthunter@houston.rr.com or dhunter@staoptw.org . If you have sent her an email and haven't received a response yet please resend your email to either correct address above.

Sunday, November 05, 2006

Message from Lara

Hi everyone,

Well, it has been 17 days now - and our lives have been totally turned upside down. I am taking my first few moments away to sit at a computer while Hans is napping and Kevin is watching football (no one ever had to twist my arm to get me away from a football game!).

I just want to give a brief update and extend my thanks to everyone.

Hans had a pretty rough day yesterday. He spiked a fever early Saturday morning, and was quickly treated with preventative anitbiotics while they waited for labs to come back (we're still waiting on those). Then, due to a low level of platelets, he had nose bleeds throughout most of the afternoon. It was a little scary to witness, especially when we couldn't do much to stop it. So, we're staying at the hospital until the doctors are sure he is free of infection and that he won't go home with bleeding problems. We would love to be home, but are prefectly pleased to stay here as long as Hans needs to be under a close eye. Things are looking up today, he has been playing with cars and hanging out with his Mom and Dad. He's still not eating much but a few pretzels, but he is drinking lots of Sprite now.

I am usually pretty compulsive about sending thank you notes, but I don't think I could even being to keep up these days - please know that we're so very appreciative of all your gifts, notes, cards, and most of all prayers and well-wishes. Kevin and I can't even believe the love! Hans especially loved the Buzz Lightyear toy and the Cars Little Golden Book some one from school sent! He just can't wait for Tuesday when the movie comes out on DVD. I'm sure Kevin will be the first in line to pick it up on Tuesday morning.

I'm looking very forward to the race! Thanks so much to everyone for their hard work on it. It's pretty mind boggling that it could be put together in just 3 weeks of Hans' ER Admission! How did you do that????

Well - the library has already stayed open an extra 15 minutes and now must close. I'll update the blog as I am able.

Thank you very much.

With love,

Thursday, November 02, 2006

Hans Update 11-02-06

Hi Everyone,
Some of you have already gotten the Run for Hans flyer which I'll forward in a complete separate email since it's so large. You may have seen it around town at our church, other churches, on the blog, various schools, Kroger, Blockbuster to same a few. Please mark your calendars for Sat., Nov.11th. I'm asking everyone to come on out and run/walk that day for Hans. It's only $1 for the registration plus donation.There is a short run (which will actually be a short loop - no longer than a 1/4 of a mile) for children 5 and under before the 5K (3 mile) run begins. Be there about 7:00a to register if you are having your kids participate in the kids run which begins at 7:30a. The 5K begins at 8:00am. If you aren't a walker/runner maybe you might consider volunteering with the run. If so, please contact Denise Hunter at St. Anthony's Little Saints 281-296-2800 email- dthunter@houston.rr.com or dhunter@staoptw.org and tell them you are with Mothers of Young C however you're affiliated) and would like to help. I suspect they might need people manning the table to collect donations or whatever. If you are planning on coming you might want to consider wearing RED that day since that is Hans's favorite color.

Also, I spoke to Lara on the phone last night and she said they are still working on Hans eating and keeping it down. They hopefully will be able to come home Friday or Saturday per the doctor. He could come home with a bag of nutrients that would hook into his i.v. and be going thru during the nights like from 9pm thru 9am. Lara did ask that I mention to everyone to please think about donating blood at Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center to replenish the blood that Hans has had to get on two separate occasions. Unfortunately, since January, regulations have changed so the blood you donate won't be allowed to go directly to Hans but Kevin and Lara feel better giving back what they took so levels will remain on an upward slide. There is a center located at 3091 College Park Drive (936-321-8440) - more info, www.giveblood.org/. Also, this coming Sunday Nov. 5th from 8:00a-2:00p at the Sts. Simon and Jude Family Center Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center will be there doing ablood drive. Photo id (drivers license is required). You have to be at least 17 years of age and at least 110 pounds. Please come out and give if you can it would mean alot to the Weberlings!!!

Lara did have good news yesterday that Hans' brain scan came out clear. Today he will be doing the complete body scan to detect any tumors in his body. Pray everything comes back clear on that.

Thanks for all of your prayers! I keep hoping the next email I send out will be "Hans is Coming Home-Hooray!" in the Subject field.

Remember, spread the word to your friends, family, acquaintances, businesses you deal with - WHOEVER! since the run is right around the corner. We are expecting a very big turn out! Thanks again!

God Bless,

Wednesday, November 01, 2006

I was so fortunate to be able to vistit with Lara and Hans yesterday!
He had his Buzz Lightyear costume all ready - though I haven't heard if he actually got dressed last night.

Lara had him up and out of his room which is fantastic. The little dude isn't finding much enjoyment from walking around but Mama has been great in getting him going. Now's a good time to send big thoughts of encouragement for Hans to start eating and becoming more physical.

As many of you know, they were hoping to bring him home yesterday. But since he hasn't eaten much more than a few bites of cereal they need to keep him there for observation (who can blame him - do any of you really like hospital food?) The doctors were considering a feeding tube supplement - possibly as early as last night. He wouldn't replace real meals but at least supply him with some basic nutrients. He can even come home with the contraption!

I'm sure many of you agree - the fresh air and comforts of his own home are going to give Hans a big boost. So let's all send up big prayers today that Hans can muscle down a few big bites!


Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Hans the cowboy

This picture was taken this summer at the Miniature Horse Monastery in Brenham, Texas.

Hans and Elle

This is last year's Christmas card. Elle and Hans had a fun time on their trip.

Hans the soccer star

Here is a picture of Hans at one of his soccer games. This season was his first time to play soccer at the YMCA. Kevin, his dad, was coach.

The Hans Weberling Fund

Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in donating money to help Hans and his family. I know they are extremely grateful for all the love and support they have been receiving. The "Hans Weberling Fund" has been set up at Chase Bank. The account number is 735167728. Checks can be made out to "Hans Weberling Fund" and deposited at any Chase Bank or the money can be wired using the account number. Thank you again and please keep Hans in your prayers.
God Bless,
Ginger Klein

Monday, October 30, 2006

This is a picture of Hans soon after undergoing his bone scan.

Hans in the Hospital

Here is a picture of Hans in Lara's lap playing Legos with his friend Adrian. Hans was determined to sit up on the couch even though he was so tired.

Run for Hans - November 11

Please come out and support Hans on November 11th.

Thursday, October 26, 2006

Latest Diagnosis Results

Hey Everyone,

First off let me thank you so much for those of you at the playgroup Halloween party today for your very generous donations for Lara and her family. With the money I was able to get an American Express card, a Chipotle card, Starbucks card and also three really nice large stainless steel Starbucks traveling mugs.

I spoke to Lara late this afternoon and they finally got the results in. They met with the oncologist for two hours and have come up with a plan to kind of cover the next 12 months. Hans was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma Cancer. She explained three steps in their plan. First, Hans will begin chemotherapy starting tonight. This will go on for 15 weeks but mid-way probably around Christmas time doctors believe the tumor will have shrunk enough for him to have an operation to remove it. Once that operation 7-8 more weeks of chemo will probably be needed. The next step is that Hans will have a bone marrow transfusion. They will be using his own bone marrow to do that. After all of this then the last 6 months will be in maintenance type mode.

She is really positive and feels Hans is in good hands and is happy that the doctors are putting Hans up on the fast track which you can clearly see by them starting treatment tonight. They are really upbeat and relieved that theyhave that load off their backs of not knowing the diagnosis. Now they are ready to fight and keep moving on ahead.

It's going to be a very very long and rough road ahead for Hans so continue to keep him in your prayers please. Lara requested that I tell everybody to pray the rosary. She did say that they might be even able to come home in a week! They will be keeping an very close eye on him to see how he's handling the chemotherapy over the next 5 days. We will definitely have to have a welcome home celebration for when Hans does come home.


Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Hans's Journey

First Posting: Welcome to Hans's Journey - A Blog for Family & Friends

Dearest Family & Friends -

This online posting was created by the friends of Lara & Kevin to enable the easier dissemination of information regarding Hans' condition and on-going diagnostics at Texas Children's Hospital.

Updates will be performed as regularly as possible - and we kindly ask that each and every one of you keep Hans and his family in their prayers. Please check this site often and feel free to submit your own thoughts and best wishes on the comments section or via the family's own email address. We will gladly forward all information to Kevin & Lara as well. Let us all pray for Hans's immediate recovery and healing.