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Hans was a busy, happy, sweet and fearless three year old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He fought his disease like a "gladiator" for nearly 6 years. Hans was an animal lover to his core. He was 'guarded' at home by his three cats, Black, Orange and Cotton. He also had his Golden Retriever, Honey, to keep him company. Hans enjoyed swimming, biking, gardening, grilling (he had his very own grill!), horseback riding, playing video games, building Legos, and flipping between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. Hans loved all members of his family and he was a loyal friend. He had to go through a lot of treatment in his life. But Hans powered through it. His attitude was let's get this done! His motivation was always to get back home, to his family, pets, favorite foods and pool.

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

5th Annual Valentines Day Bake Sale at TCH

Hansie loved to help bake and get ready for the bake sale.  I think this was taken in 2010, he was 7.

Thanks, Charon and Jenn for organizing another great bake sale.
Proceeds go to the Childrens Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation.

Info below in case you are able to help!  Thank you all.  What a great way to honor our kids.

Texas Children's Hosptal 3rd Floor Foot Bridge

·         Date:  Friday, Feb. 8th, 10am – 2:30pm (set- up starting at 9:30am)

Friday, January 25, 2013

Woodlands Blood Drive in Honor of Hans

Thanks to our pals Blair and Kim who have put together a Blood Drive to honor our special boy.  We are touched by this event!  Thank you.  xoxo

There will be Free Chicken and T shirts!
Thank you for donating if you can.  Hans received blood and platelet transfusions dozens and dozens of times over the course of his treatment.  We have always been thankful for the lifesaving donations!  

Blood drive in honor of Hans Weberling
Monday February 18, 2013
11am - 3:30 pm
Chick fil A Sawdust Road

Ran by the Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center

The easiest way to sign up is to go to www.giveblood.org and search for the drive by the date (Feb 18th) or CODE (Q170).  Lots of time slots available but we'd LOVE to fill them all and have them extend the time!  It you are unable to make it, you can donate at ANY Gulf Coast Regional Blood Center in February and use THAT CODE to contribute in honor of Hans.  Please feel free to INVITE ANYONE you know!

Friday, January 18, 2013

Another talk, at last

There are two more talks to share.  I hadn't planned such a long, delay, but here you go.

Roxie is my dear friend and Hans' Godmother.  She found the amazing strength to MC the Celebration for us, and to write the following for us:

(The Celebration opened with the following audio clip from Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen.)  

"I am Optimus Prime and I send this message so that our pasts will always be remembered, for it is in those memories that we live on."


Welcome.  Today we’re here to honor and celebrate a nine year old.  He loved Transformers!  
Today we mourn the person that Hans could have been, a politician, a pro skate boarder, a guitarist, a priest, a teacher, a nurse.  We have all stood as witnesses to life, suffering and the incredible strength of Hans and his family.  But today we also celebrate who he was, a lover of animals, a rugged individualist, a super griller, a guy with excellent dance moves, and a great Lego builder.  Today, we celebrate Hans.

I’ve thought a lot about this day, we all hoped this day would never come.  I’ve thought there is so much to say if this day did come.

Hans was so much to so many people.   We all feel honored to have been a part of his journey.  I met Lara Kevin, and Ellie in 2000 and Hans wasn’t around yet.  And when I met them, Lara and I were working together at Monterey Rape Crisis Center.  We would commute most days together in the car -  an hour there and an hour back. And because of that we had a lot of girlfriend time that most people don’t get in their twenties and we became fast friends. When they moved to Texas, and upon the birth of Hans, I was honored when they asked me to be his Godmother.  And I took that job very seriously.  It was a little heavier than I thought it would be at the time!
Hans was a cherub as a baby -  A beautiful perfect soul.  He was so full of love and excitement, and had the most amazing dance moves!  He has the most dedicated parents that I have ever known.

I was with Hans and Lara and Kevin and Ellie through a lot of his treatments and therapies, especially once they moved back to California. And all I can say from being on the ground there with them is that he was a Gladiator.  He was a trooper.  He had the strength and spirit that was amazing.  It was like he was trying to get all of life in as fast and as hard as he could.  He was the toughest kid I knew.

I was with Hans within 48 hours before he passed.  I was able to lean down and whisper to Hans “I love you”.  Most of you who know Hans, know he was a little standoffish the last few years.  It took him to be asleep to get so close, but while I was so close I got to see all of those cute freckles that I had forgotten about that he’d had since he was a baby. And I remembered the old Hans, the one that we took to the zoo, the one that would click his glass to mine to say cheers – ten fifteen times in a row if I wanted to. He’s part of all of us, and I truly believe his trials will go on to help other children.  I will think of Hans in every blade of grass, every unfolding leaf, every flower, every planet, every sunbeam.  I love you Hans.

Thanks, Roxie!  Hansie loved you!