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Hans was a busy, happy, sweet and fearless three year old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He fought his disease like a "gladiator" for nearly 6 years. Hans was an animal lover to his core. He was 'guarded' at home by his three cats, Black, Orange and Cotton. He also had his Golden Retriever, Honey, to keep him company. Hans enjoyed swimming, biking, gardening, grilling (he had his very own grill!), horseback riding, playing video games, building Legos, and flipping between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. Hans loved all members of his family and he was a loyal friend. He had to go through a lot of treatment in his life. But Hans powered through it. His attitude was let's get this done! His motivation was always to get back home, to his family, pets, favorite foods and pool.

Thursday, December 13, 2012

Sharing CNCF Holiday Appeal newsletter (parts of it, at least)

In this CNCF issue
*Hans Weberling's legacy
*A letter from the President
*New database fuels research
*Anna's Hope gives $50,000
*Hockey team raises $7,500
*A Texas-sized bake sale
*Giving double
Follow-up links
Life after loss: Hans Weberling
This New Year's Day will be Lara Cady Weberling's first since her 9-year-old son Hans lost his fight with neuroblastoma in September.
But even now, Weberling's hope shines through her tears. The generosity of supporters has sustained it.
Three weeks after Hans' diagnosis in 2006, friends organized a 5k run for the family in Houston and raised about $20,000.
"What's so beautiful about those funds is, the following June we found out about the CNCF conference. It was only about three weeks away. Since we had those funds, we were able to fly our family of four up there on short notice. We learned so much about neuroblastoma. It was such a great benefit to us."

A Texas-sized bake sale
Neuroblastoma supporters in Houston raised $3,250 and paid tribute to an angel, Hans Weberling, during their holiday bake sale at Texas Children's Hospital on December 7.
"These are Texas-sized bake sales, something like 10 cafeteria tables full of items," said Lara Cady Weberling, who spearheaded the first bake sale in February 2008 when son Hans was going through neuroblastoma treatment


Monday, December 10, 2012

Another Great Bake Sale

We heard from our friends back in Texas that we had another fabulous Holiday Bake sale.  This year it was extra special because our friends were able to deliver all those donated toys and PJs to the 9th floor (inpatient cancer floor), the 8th floor (bone marrow transplant), the Cancer Center Clinic, and our friends were able to play Ms. Claus and let kids "shop" for toys right off the Bake Sale Tables.  How special!  I've never seen that done.  We sure appreciated Hans being remembered in a such a special way.  He loved it, of course, when our days would be brightened by something fun!  Thank you, friends!

We have heard the totals, and so far, we had a 2850 count, plus $450 in online contributions, for a grand total of $3,300 (maybe still counting??).  That's about our biggest total yet.  Thanks so very much to everyone who baked, volunteered, donated toys and PJ's, and everyone who shopped that day as well.  Thanks to those who donated towards the Houston Bake Sale online, too.  It's all adding up.  To date, our 'Texas Sized' Bake Sales have brought in nearly $35,000 for NB research and Education.  

Wednesday, December 05, 2012

Special Tribute Bake Sale at TCH Friday

I'm sharing this nice email I got from the CNCF today.  Thanks Charon and Jenn and all our friends in Houston for   the TCH Bake Sale!  The Bake Sale has raised $31,000 and counting since the original Valentines Day, 2008 Bake Sale.  That's a Texas Sized Bake sale, for ya...  Hans loved to help bake and he liked to watch me count up the money and hear how much we raised for the CNCF.  He loved to rake it in!

Special tribute to Hans Weberling at annual Houston holiday bake sale
Neuroblastoma supporters in Houston will pay special tribute to an angel, Hans Weberling, during their annual bake sale at Texas Children's Hospital on Friday, December 7, from 10 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.

Organizers will be collecting some of Hans' favorite things -- soft pajamas, Transformers and Bionicles toys, and Legos - to give away to children in the hospital. New and unwrapped toys and gifts will be accepted up until the day of the bake sale.
Donations of all sorts of baked goodies are welcome: cookies, candies, cakes and pies (whole or sliced), cupcakes, muffins, as well as sugar-free or gluten-free items - as long as they do not require refrigeration. Labeling foods (especially those containing allergens like nuts) is very important, and clear packaging is best to entice buyers.
"This is a great event to support for anyone who needs to fulfill a community service project," says Pat Tallungan, president of CNCF. "I'm eternally grateful to the commitment our Houston families have continued to make over the years to support CNCF's mission."
Every dollar raised go to the Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation to fund research, awareness and education. Hans' family has raised more than $13,000 through a virtual park they set up online in his honor at www.cncfparks.org. Hans recently lost his battle with cancer.
If baking isn't your thing, you can make a monetary donation online. Go to www.cncfhope.organd click on "Donate Now." Be sure to select "Houston Bake Sale" from drop-down menu.
Parents of current or former cancer patients are also invited to send or bring in a picture of their child to display during the event. To drop off photos or baked goods, or to volunteer, email Charon Edgington atCharonEdgington@comcast.net , or Jennifer Pigott at jenniferpigott@att.net.

Monday, December 03, 2012

I just wanted to share a couple of pictures with you.  We were able to spend this weekend with our friends in Santa Cruz celebrating the wedding of Roxie and Tyson.

 Here we are:)

Roxie and Tyson were sure to remember Hans.
Roxie and her mom. (I will have to post one with Tyson, later, I failed to take many pictures.)
We were glad to be there.  I do have just a few more things to get back to regarding the Celebration of Life, so I will get back to that next...

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Hans' Teacher

Our friend and Hans' homebound teacher for 2nd and the start of 3rd grades, Jackie James, wasn't able to be with us in Seattle for Hans' Celebration of Life, but she sent this note:

      I was blessed to be Hans’s teacher for the last year. We spent most afternoons together sitting at the kitchen table. I instructed in reading and mathematics, Hans in turn, taught me the life skills of courage, strength, and hope.
     Needless to say, what I taught was not as meaningful; although you wouldn’t know it by the way Hans attacked his lessons. He was a bright young man. The day the skill of reading words clicked he became a ravenous reader. He read everything from the TV guide to flyers to billboard signs. This meant he was now wanting to bring Honey to school for pet day and not relinquishing control of the remote because he wanted to watch something he read on the TV guide. Hans was a natural at mathematics. All I had to do was show him a concept and after a few practices on paper, at my insistence, he would do the math in his head. It was an amazing sight to see. 
     As Hans’ health continued to weaken, we moved class time from the table to the couch. This was difficult for Hans because he liked everything in its place and lessons on the couch infringed on his relaxing space. Yet he never said no to me. On the days he felt well enough I would show him math problems and he solved them without touching a pen, and on those other days we would read one of his favorite books, Winn Dixie, a story a story about a kid and her dog. He was dedicated to improving, whether it was in dealing with his cancer or increasing his knowledge. 
     As an educator, Hans’s passing has left me with a void I cannot fill. This beautiful boy was so bright and eager to learn and there was still so much I wanted to teach him. I take comfort in the fact that he now has the best teacher, teaching him, God. I picture Hans with curly locks running and plopping down at the feet of our Lord, to hear the rest of Winn Dixie and other great books.
As for me, what Hans taught me cannot be measured by grades. He taught me to fight hard for what is important, no matter how insurmountable the struggle seems. To never give up, no matter what life throws at you and to cherish each day you can hold a loved one close.
Thank you Hans for our afternoons together.  

Thanks, Jackie!  Hans loved you and it made me a proud mama to see how hard he worked for you! 

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Seattle Half for Hans

I wanted to thank our friend Shelley for training for and running the Seattle Half Marathon tomorrow and for raising funds for the CNCF in Hans' honor.  Thanks for remembering him and for running for the kids who we remember, the kids who are fighting, and those yet to be diagnosed...

Here is the link to Shelley's fundraising page:  http://www.crowdrise.com/SeattleHalfforHans.  She's already raised $1,290!

Yay, thanks Shelley.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

From Carmen

First I would like to express how completely touched, honored and humbled I am that the Weberlings gave me this opportunity to be up here to speak about my friend Hans today.
Every so often, you meet an individual that changes your entire perspective on life. Hans Nisula Weberling was one of those people for me. Instead of viewing life through a glass half empty, Hans’ glass positively runneth over. He was an extraordinary boy. Hans possessed that unique quality that made you feel completely at ease the instant you met him. Though you were initially stunned by learning he had cancer, hearing about the devastating side effects he had endured because of his years through so many treatments, you were just amazed by his strength and bravery. The grace that lived inside this young little man was one of the most astonishing miracles of all. It was the inner miracle in him that made him so special.
The short 4-lettered name, HANS, in German, means Gift of God. God is gracious. How fitting, this name given to the most special little guy (our Gift), that there ever was on this planet. He was Kevin and Lara’s son, but to myself and my husband,  Jim, and probably also to many of you out there, we felt of him as our son too, as we all scooped him up under our wings.
Most who knew Hans remember him as a smart, spunky, silly, fun, cool little kid, who was, I’d like to say.., a Transformer genius. But who loved, most of all, his entire family, his various pets, Kramer, or as Hans would say “Mamer”, Orange, Black, Cotton, and Honey, and probably a fish, frog or another small creature as well, the little “pet whisperer” that he was. He used to love to go the neighborhood pools and parks & playgrounds. A few times that little stinker liked to scare us half to death. On one or two occasions at the pool during the safety break, Hans still not 100% knowing how to swim, would just jump in the deep end, that little dare devil. We would run over as the lifeguards jumped in to grab him. He’d come up out of the water smiling big. I wanna say I remember they banned him from the pool, since he did it so many times. Or another time at Clover Park, when for what seemed like a life time, we thought Hans was lost, but to him...he had just strolled over to the outskirts of the park where we couldn’t see him. He loved just being a kid, playing his Xbox, Wii, Playstation, and building. I’ll never forget and I’ll miss the times where he would be over at our house while Lara would get in a dental check-up and run an errand. I loved hearing the boys in our man cave playing video games, Hans with his little laughs and silly giggles, and sometimes his screams of pure excitement as he’d be trying to take over the world during their games of Destroy All Humans, a video game that used to be Hansie’s favorite. I’ll miss his requests: Mountain Dew, Root beer, Capri suns and fruit snacks. I’ll miss his “Ms. Carmen’s?”. I love the fact that he wouldn’t let anything stop him, even if he was not feeling so hot, he’d still get out there on our backyard trampoline with his friends, smiling ear to ear as he bounced and laughed, or just ran around with his buddies. Hans, the little lover boy, always made the time to give me a goodbye hug with the cute little pat or two he would do on my back. And, we gathered through the years that Hansie was a big bosom lover… Never giving up the chance to hug up to a big-chested girl. Maybe his Dad’s genes had something to do with that. Also, a lot of you don’t know this about Hans but he had quite the “cursing” phase, and not the slip of little tiny innocent curse words, Hans did it his way - He went all the way. This fad of Hans’ began to stump Lara on what exactly to do about it. It definitely gave “the girls” all quite a laugh and acronym DF now has a lasting special meaning to all of us.
A few weeks back I had asked Hans’ two buddies, Michael and Ryan “If you could only pick one word to describe him what word would you pick?” Ryan answered: “FUN!” Michael’s answer: “HOPE!” A follow up later on was Ryan saying “Hans reminds you of Hope” and also “Hans was crazy.” Some words that come to my mind…LOVE AND LAUGHS….. H- Hero, happy go lucky, heart of gold, heartwarming A- Abundance of unconditional love N- a NEVER give up kind of kid S- Smart, Silly, Super, Strong. With his mom and dad and sister Elle, he lived his little life to the fullest.
But through his journey he taught us so very much.. How to be like himself, a kind and compassionate person, a fighter, a lover, a listener, a good loyal friend, and a good little brother. He could have taught us a thing or two in the kitchen, on the grill, baking, cooking meals - an all-around helper in the kitchen. He was tough as nails, never a complainer, always pushed forward as he went through treatments…a “git ‘er done kind of attitude” He endured so much that a little innocent child should never have to go through, he was probably stronger than any grown man out there. As we all know, he was Bad “As*,” especially during his Gang”sta” Hans period. Sporting those huge gold medallions and chain. So funny.
Hans, we can’t express in words of the affect that you have had upon us each individually, and as a family. You have touched us like no one else. We’ll always have a void in our heart, but will hang on to those times that we were lucky enough to have with you. Those memories and little visuals of your precious face will stay near and dear to our hearts. You will be forever missed. I envision you are having a blast up there in Heaven taking Mamer on walks and snuggling and playing ball with him. I also hope you are having fun rock climbing the tallest mountain.

Thanks Carm!  He loved all you Smileys so much!  xoxo

Sunday, November 18, 2012

COL talk from Michelle

When I think of Hans there are two traits that come to my mind:

First, how crazy smart he was. A math whizz, a Master Builder of Legos, a problem- solver and an engineering genius.

Second, His ability to love. Hans had the most amazing ability to love beyond what seemed possible with an unconditional love. Well...maybe he had one condition...Elle & Lara had to wear snuggly pajamas when cuddling with him. Hans spent his days nurturing both his mind and spirit by surrounding himself with the people and things he loved most.

Lara once told me a story about Hans that I think exemplifies both of these traits...
When I first met The Weberlings, my first son was 4 months old and Hansie was almost 2. At that time, Lara was still nursing Hans throughout the night. As a “very experienced” mother of a baby who was sleeping through the night, I told her she was crazy to be up nursing at night. We laughed and exchanged strategies for weaning. It wasn’t much later that Lara had weaned Hans from his “all night snack bar”. She told me this story shortly afterwards.
One night, Hans finally slept in his own bed! When she woke up the next morning, Hans wasn’t in his bed. Lara woke Kevin up and asked where Hans was. Kevin said that he thought Hans was with her. So they both started searching the house until they found him....Where was he???
Well, apparently during the night, 2-year-old Hans woke up, went downstairs, opened the front door. He went outside and the front door shut behind him. The outside door handle must have been too hard for his little hands to open, so he found himself stuck outside. With his 2- year-old wisdom, Hans went about solving the problem. He went to the car that was parked in the driveway, opened the door, found the garage door opener, pushed the button to open it and then went into the garage and opened the door to the laundry room where he found his puppy, Kramer, sleeping. Hans snuggled up with his dog and slept peacefully the reset of the night. He couldn't make it any farther than the doggie gate that kept Kramer in the kitchen and out of the rest of the house.

This is where they found him the next morning. The last place they looked. Car door open, garage door open--all evidence pointing to the path Hans had taken to get there. Hans, snuggled sweetly with his beloved puppy---not a care in the world. Well, I have three boys and I can tell you that not one of them could have solved that problem as Hans did. What other 2-year old could have thought through those obstacles in order to make it to the safety of their home? To the warmth of their pet? Hans had not a worry or a fear---he probably would have picked that as his route of choice. Never fearing a challenge, never backing down and always finding love in a snuggle in the arms of his family or his beloved pets.

Lara asked me to read a scripture today and I found Hans’ example of unconditional love echoed in 1 Corinthians 13, 1-8 & 13.

If I speak in human & angelic tongues but do not have love, I am a resounding gong or a clashing cymbal. And if I have the gift of prophecy & comprehend all mysteries and all knowledge; if I have all faith so as to move mountains but do not have love, I am nothing. If I give away everything I own, and if I hand my body over so that I may boast but do not have love, I gain nothing.

Love is patient, love is kind. It is not jealous, is not pompous, it is not inflated, it is not rude, it does not seek its own interests, it is not quick-tempered, it does not brood over injury, it does not rejoice over wrong doing but rejoices with the truth. It BEARS all things, BELIEVES all things, HOPES all things, ENDURES all things. Love NEVER fails. So faith, hope, love remain, these three; but the greatest of these is love.

I couldn’t help but see in this scripture what I know about Hans’ life---it was defined and refined by love. Hans loved his favorite foods, his hobbies, his pets, his friends and his family better than anyone.

He truly ENDURED all things, BELIEVED and HOPED like no other and his parents and Elle were right there with him----bearing, enduring, hoping and believing. Fighting in the name of love. Their love never failed---not in the ugliest darkness.

Hans will always represent love to me and if I am to make any sense out of him enduring this trial---it is that we are to learn from Hans’ example of love.

You’ll never see more love than what he had for his adoring daddy, his beautiful big sister and his amazing mother.

We were all blessed to have an angel among us to show us the meaning of unfailing love. What if we all chose to love as Hans did?
Love you all- Michelle 

Hansie loved your family too, Michelle!

Friday, November 16, 2012

A few more talks from the COL

I asked Aunt Debbie to share some stories about Hans.   Here is what she shared at the Celebration of Life.

I was reading about Jesus referring to children in the bible the other day. Jesus
said, "Do not prevent the little children to come unto me. For the kingdom of
God, has the simplicity, honesty, and openness of little children."
Immediately, I thought of Hans as this described him to a T.

Anyone who spent time with Hans could stand up here today and share one of a
dozen different stories about how Hans brought joy into their AND others lives.
I could share several such stories. I could tell you about how Hans threatened to
tell his Uncle Mark about the time he thought I was flirting way too much with
several fireman.

Or the time Hans was telling us his list of acceptable Pajamas. Transformers,
Regular Star Wars, Lego Star Wars, Angry Birds, Ninjago, short sleeves, No Cuffs,
No Elastic around the ankles, Wide Straight Legs.....

It was SO detailed that Uncle Mark created a notes page in his iPhone titled
"Hans PJ Requirements".

Today I'd like to share a story that I've titled, "Aunt Debbie's Mission

Last summer, when I was visiting Hans at Children's Hospital, I asked him what
toy I could get for him to play with while he was in the hospital. As we all know,
Hans LOVES Legos, and I knew it was NOT possible for me to get him any Legos
that he didn't already have. So Legos were NOT an option.
At that time he was playing with his Skylanders. He said, that there were 3

Skylanders that NO ONE had been able to find for him! He and Lara both said,
Aunt Debbie wouldn't be able to find them either.

So, after getting the names of the IMPOSSIBLE to find Skylanders, and what stores
MIGHT carry them, I set out to accomplish this IMPOSSIBLE task.
He was SOOO sure there was NO WAY Aunt Debbie would find them. In fact, I
had been gone SO long that while I was out on my "Mission", Hans was laughing
and telling his Grandma Kathy that I was probably STILL at Walmart looking for
them and that they DON'T have them there.

After a long day of phone calls, visits to several Toys R Us stores, AND a flat tire
in downtown LA during rush hour traffic, I returned to the Hospital to face Hans.

I'll never forget his reaction when I walked into his room with with my shopping
bag in hand. I told him, YOU won't BELIEVE what Aunt Debbie FOUND!
As I started to remove the first Skylander from my shopping bag, Hans sat up,
AND as he saw each one, he shook with laughter and had the biggest smile on
his face that I have ever seen. I'll never forget that smile and his excitement.

Hans had the greatest smile, one that melted your heart. He smiled even when
things were tough and kept a great attitude and sense of humor through it all.

Hans had such an honesty and openness about him.

Hans loved his family. They meant the world to him. Even though he went thru
so many different treatments, and didn't always feel well, his family always made
life fun. All the memories they share will live on forever.

If I could say anything to Hans right now it would be... "Hans we will never forget
you. You will live forever in our hearts and our minds".

Rev. 21:4. God will wipe away every tear from our eyes. There will be no more
death or mourning or crying or pain. 

That is what Hans is experience right now and that is what we look forward to. 
As Kalene says, Hans is up in heaven playing Legos with Jesus.

Be with GOD, little man. We ALL Love YOU SO MUCH!

Thanks, Debbie!  Hans loved you all. 

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Toy and PJ drive

We had an amazing response to our Toy and PJ drive.  We had a truck load full of toys.  We had 80 pair of PJs donated.  It's just the sweetest thing.  Carmen and Dana got together and did an assessment of the haul.  They estimated $2,100 in toys and about 1,080 in PJ value!!! Wow, thanks everyone who was able to pitch in!  That's gonna brighten a lot of days.  So, it's really a 5K/3K/5K!

I wanted to update to let you all know that the Toy and PJ drive will go on right up until the Dec 7th Bake Sale at TCH!  If you'd like, you still have a chance to get a toy or a set of PJ's or a gift card (to Target, Toys R Us, Amazon.com, etc) to Michelle Nolen at 26 Shallow Pond Place The Woodlands TX 77381.

Monday, November 12, 2012

5K 5K

This awesome banner hung above the starting line at the race. (This is the same quote that played to start off Hans' Celebration of Life.  I have a feeling we will be quoting this enlightened alien robot from the planet Cybertron for the rest of our lives;)  It was really awesome and special and incredible!  Thanks EVERYONE who was able to come out and honor Hans.  Thanks to the groups of walkers in Seattle, and Ellensburg and even Raton!

Thanks to Beth Whitehead who called me on 9/27 with the idea to do this In Memory of Hans Run.  Thanks to Carmen and Michelle, Charon, Ginger, Pam, Shannon, Dana, Vicki, Brenda, Tracy, Sabina, Jon, Zachary, Waverly, Sarah, Lisa, Lisa, Debbie, Charlene, Anne, Matilda, Pat at CNCF, Monte, Lonnie, all the hubbies, all the kids, all the volunteers.  Deacon Sid Sandiford was there to say a blessing.  Deacon Sid baptized Hans at Sts. Simon in Jude in 2003. That was super special to have him there!  Once again it was amazing to feel such love and support and to honor our special boy in this special way.

I also have to thank Brooklyn Bagel, Pizza Tonight, Dosey Doe, Chick-fil-A, Fast Signs, Games 2 U, Luke's Locker, Silly Nilly Studios, Das, HEB, First Choice ER, Waste Management, Red Tree Recording Studio, and all the raffle donors, and of course, Reckless - The Woodlands' own undefeated adult kickball league team.  They have adopted Hans as an honorary lifetime member!  I can't really explain what that means to me.  Hans signed up for YMCA soccer at age 3 and then his diagnosis cut his only season short:(  I am very grateful he had the opportunity to have his dad coach that little team - The Giraffes.  Now he forevermore has a spot on a team!  Thank you, reckless.  We do have happy memories of Hans playing kickball with all of his buds at the Amazing Grace Golf Tournament a couple years ago.  Carmen got a photo from that day and they used it to make a special photo/plaque of Hans and the reckless team.

We had more than 280 runners for this 5k run, and we raised at least 5K!  I'm also happy to say that we hauled in a literal truckload of toys and PJs!  Charon will be collecting items through the Dec 7th Bakesale at TCH!  Items will then go to kids at the TXCCC and the cash will go to the CNCF for education and research.

Thank you so much.  I know I missed people.  I will just add them as I remember.
Thanks Dave, Sheri and Caley for hosting us - we love your casa!


Friday, November 09, 2012

We are getting ready to head out for The Run in Memory of Hans!  It's tomorrow.  We are so pleased with how it is coming together.  Thank you Beth, Carmen, Michelle, Ginger Charon and all of our friends working so hard on making it special.  Thanks Tracy for ordering Team Hans shirts!

Here's another speech.  Uncle Quinn gave this talk.

Hans had a great smile that could light up the room. It was infectious and genuine.

Hans loved all animals. His ability to connect with them was extraordinary. It didn’t matter if they were the cats or dogs, horses or cows – he wasn’t afraid of them and they sensed that he was going to be kind to them. He was gentle and loving with them all. And all of his medical experiences made him the best little vet tech when any of his animals need their own medical attention.

He loved to ride on his Grandpa Dale’s shoulders to go feed the horses. He loved to ride the horses too. He would tell Grandma Kathy she could ride Pepper and that he would ride Zippy and Ellie would ride Eddie. He had it all planned out.

Hans was the bravest person that we know. He endured so much and rarely complained about anything. Usually he was the one reassuring us that everything was ok.

Everyone wanted to know Hans. He was a role model for all of us – teaching us courage, strength and love. It made you feel special just to be a part of Hans life.

He was fearless! Everyone was amazed by his jump off the boat dock roof! And he loved riding in the go-kart with Ellie – she wasn’t as protective as mom or dad and would go fast with him!

All of us would be jealous of what was on Hans' food tray. He always had a full tray! At any time you could find chicken, cow steak or ham steak, chips & salsa & a bowl of cheese dip, his special brand of chicken noodle soup or spaghetti tacos – all the good food groups!

Hansie gave the BEST love pats. If he gave you a hug you always got that special little bonus of a love pat on the back. They were the best!

Hans had a strong sense of right and wrong. You DO NOT climb over the fence by the canal to pick the lemons. Only the worker men can be over there!
Hans loved to tease! This past summer when Grandma Kathy and Aunt Debbie were visiting, Aunt Debbie made the comment that the fireman at the beach were pretty cute. Hans told her that she was married and she shouldn’t be looking at the fireman. If she didn’t stop looking at the fireman he was going to have to tell Uncle Mark. Well, she kept running into the fireman or fire trucks during that visit and Hans kept warning her that he was going to have to tell on her. Finally, he solved her problem for her. He told her “Fine! If you want to be married to a fireman then Uncle Mark can just go get a job to be a fireman!” We’re still waiting for him to get his uniform!

Hans had the mind of a little engineer. He was the best transformer and Lego builder. We had a big container of transformers left over from Kevin and my days and Hans put them together without any of the instructions – just the pictures. His Lego building skills were hands down the best! It was always our challenge to find a set with enough pieces to make it a true challenge for him. Once he started a new set, he didn’t stop until it was done.

Hans took after his dad – he loved playing video games and had the game skills of someone way beyond his age. He loved the games that he could play with someone rather that playing against them.

Ellie wasn’t the only family member with a strong fashion sense. Hans had his own fashion style! His signature look was always PJ’s and his black Behr brand hat. He told Grandma Kathy that you only had to wear clothes when you went to school but he even broke that rule.

Everyone loved experiencing things through Hansie. We loved when he got to do ‘kid’ things.
We loved that he had so much fun swimming with the fish in Hawaii.
We loved whenever he got to go to school – even if it was just for a few hours. We loved when he got to take riding lessons or swim lessons.
If he grilled you dinner – it was the best!

Hans taught us all to live for today and not worry about the ‘little things’ or tomorrow.

He taught us not to whine about things.

He never felt sorry for himself and neither should we. He taught us that it’s not all about us – we need to be compassionate and giving to others.

He taught us about strength, courage, bravery, trust and love.

He was everyone’s HERO.

Thanks, Q!  He loved you too.

Monday, November 05, 2012

Run/Walk in Memory of Hans: Seattle Update

We have a spin off Walk in Seattle to support the Run in Memory of Hans in The Woodlands.

WA Friends/Family - Please feel free to come out to Green Lake on Saturday November 10th, 9am
and join my mom and a couple of family members/walkers to do an In Memory of Hans Walk around Green Lake.
  • Bring $1 (or more) in donation to the CNCF
  • Bring a pair of new PJ's or an unwrapped toy (think Lego, Bionicle, Transformer) to donate to Seattle Children's Hospital Cancer Center
  • My mom (grandma Stephanie) will be taking the collection and later delivering it to the hospital
  • Walk will start at the Bath House at 9am
Thanks if you are able to make it.  Just for fun for those who can't be with us in The Woodlands, and don't want to be left out!

Peace, Love and PJ's! Oh, and a cure for NB too!


I am not doing my recap in the exact order that the speeches were given, but I thought it would be really nice to share what people shared.
We had a handful of speakers talk about our beautiful boy.

Here was my mom's talk.  Stephanie Cady, Grandma to Hans.

When I think about Hans 3 words come to mind: Trust, Courage and Love.

Trust fortified him.
Hans trusted his family.
US News and World Report recently ranked the best pediatric cancer treatment hospitals. This year 4 of the top 7 hospitals were hospitals where Hans had been treated.
Hans’ trust in his family made his treatment the best possible.

Courage transformed him.
Just a day or two, after his diagnosis, I literally witnessed in his eyes a transformation: Hans went from being a carefree, curly headed toddler, to a determined and ferocious 3 yr old Neuroblastoma warrior. He kept his resolve to fight his battle with enormous courage throughout the rest of his life.
He listened to his doctors and innately knew which were the most dedicated to finding a way to stop his disease, and then he got to work!
Hans did everything they asked of him. He committed himself, mind and body to each treatment. This was the only way he could help them.
He understood that wherever his parents took him it was up to him to bravely endure each treatment in a heroic effort to defeat his disease. He faced each with great courage. Because he knew how important each was.
Early on one doctor at TCH described Hans as a philosopher. At the age of 3, some of his doctors realized how deeply he thought about everything and that this allowed him to lived with great clarity and single mindedness.
He understood the battle he was up against, but never gave into it – with the help of his family. His courage helped them to seek out new and promising treatments. When I first started learning about neuroblastoma the 5 year survival rate was only 35%: and Hans earned his place as he bravely fought it for 2,160 days. The current survival rate of 5 years is now 60%. I believe Hans played a big part in that.

Love surrounded Hans. Hans loved life.
Love enveloped Hans his entire life. He loved Elle - who treated him just like a little brother should be treated! But she was also always ready to give an extra measure when-ever it was needed.
He loved his mom and dad fiercely and realized what a perfect “love fit” they all were.

Hans lived joyfully! I will always remember his laughter, like when he would watch “King of the Hill” and laugh and make a comment on how humans handle real world problems; and how he would laugh at really silly jokes and sometimes just act all goofy.
I will always remember the excitement Hans got from discovering new things.
How to ride a bike, throw the ball for Honey, play a new video game, swim, dance, snorkel, make jam or pizza, shoot off Roman candles, build a 3,500 piece Lego, and thousands of other things.

I will always remember Hans and the joy he gave me. I will remember him for the trust, courage and love that was so evident in his short life.

Thanks Mom!  Hans loved you too.

Thursday, November 01, 2012

Let It Be

Back to the Celebration of Life recap  ...

Our lovely friend Jana somehow sang "Let It Be".  Right now I can't believe she was able to sing it.  And, oh, she did a lovely job, acapella.  Thanks, J!

Here's a link to Paul's version on YouTube:

Our lifelong friend Sunny read a favorite poem from my childhood.

Listen to Mustn'ts by Shel Silverstein

Listen to Mustn'ts, child, listen to the Don'ts.
Listen to the Shouldn'ts, the Impossibles, the Won'ts.
Listen to the Never Haves, then listen close to me.
      Anything can happen, child, Anything can be.

I think this poem just reflects the mental state you have to put yourself into
if you are going to fight a fight like we had to fight.
You have to ignore the single digit survival statistics,
you sometimes have to go Doctor Shopping.
You have to follow your gut, follow your boy and just believe.
We had to follow our special boy's lead, who truly never had any other
plans than just to be here with us.  He never feared.

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Memorial Run

I have to pause from my recap of the COL to let you know that our friends in The Woodlands are hosting a special Memorial Run for Hans as a Fundraiser for the CNCF.  It will be held in The Woodlands on Nov 10th at Barbara Bush Elementary at 8am.  Cost of the race is $1, plus any additional donation to the CNCF.   It is very special to us that the race will also be a PJ and Toy Drive for the kiddos at TCH! Six years ago on that weekend, many of these same friends hosted the Run for Hans on this same course.  The original Run for Hans brought in over $20,000 that was gifted to us to use in Hans' ongoing treatment.  That money kept us fighting, and it sent us to our very first Children's Neuroblastoma Cancer Foundation Conference in Chicago, 2007.  Having received such a gift just three weeks to the day after first hearing the word "Neuroblastoma", we made a family promise to try and pay it forward and to match the amount of funds raised for our family in eventual research dollars.  We can proudly say that we've since been able to help raise more than that amount with the help of our family and our friends.          

If you would like to participate or support the Run or the Toy/PJ drive from afar, thank you!   You may send a donation made out to the CNCF or a Gift Card for the Toy/PJ Drive to:  Michelle Nolen 26 Shallow Pond Place The Woodlands, TX 77381.  Hans sure loved getting gifts cards!  In our second to last hospital stay we ran out of clean PJs and the charge nurse was able to come up with a pair of donated Lego Batman PJs and I can't tell you how it REALLY saved the day!  Hans liked to shop for toys from Toys R Us, Amazon.com, and Target, and he usually found PJs he liked at Target.  I know the kids up on the 9th floor will appreciate a special treat just like Hans always did.

Thanks to Beth Whiethead!  You contacted me just days after we lost Hans wanting to do this Run.  Thanks to Carmen, Michelle, Jennifer of Silly Nilly, Katie and Little Saints,  Charon, Pizza Tonight!, Dosey Doe, Luke's Locker, Chick-fil-A, and Fast Signs for making this happen.

We still had some donated frequent flyer miles to use up, and we went ahead and used the balance of them to book flights to Houston.  The three of us will be there on race day.

Friday, October 26, 2012

If I Should Fall Behind

Our buddy Sam showed up from Fairbanks, Alaska to play a couple of songs at the Celebration of Life.  Our first song of the night was Bruce Springsteen's If I Should Fall Behind.  He sang and played the acoustic guitar.  Thanks, dear Sam!
Here's a You Tube video of Bruce's version.  Copy and Paste this link:

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Thanks, Jessa, stole this pic from your FB!

I stole this pic from my cousin Jessa!  Thanks.
I am going to piece-meal the program together, so if you are a speaker and you are willing to share what you wrote, please email it to me at kevinandlara@hotmail.com.  Thank you!

Roxie officiated the COL and gave an amazing introduction and opened the evening with Optimus Prime and then our friend Shelley read this poem aloud.  It was Elle's selection for the evening. Her favorite poem of all time. 
By Emily Dickinson 1830–1886 Emily Dickinson
“Hope” is the thing with feathers -
That perches in the soul -
And sings the tune without the words -
And never stops - at all -

And sweetest - in the Gale - is heard -
And sore must be the storm -
That could abash the little Bird
That kept so many warm -

I’ve heard it in the chillest land -
And on the strangest Sea -
Yet - never - in Extremity,
It asked a crumb - of me.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

COL Part One

Yesterday was incredible.  I want to thank all of our family and friends for making it happen.  Thanks to those who worked, helped, performed, created, celebrated, traveled and showed up!  I will try to share bits of the event on this blog over the next several posts.

About three days after we lost Hans it occured to me that his story was more like a fairy tale than anything else. I wrote this to him, and I shared it at the COL via audio recording.

Hans, you were a Fairytale,
A wise, brave boy.
With sea green eyes,
and a beaming smile.
Your blonde curls sprang like life itself.
Not only physically beautiful, you were smart and capable,
kind and gentle.   
You loved animals and you understood machines. 
You were our special boy.
Where but in a fairy tale do we find our charmed boy so cursed by fate and odds?
 You set out with no choice but to embark on your Epic Journey.
 The Journey was yours, and we were but there to help you through it.
It took you to faraway lands to find the best doctors.
And it opened the hearts of everyone you knew; 
your family, your friends, your neighbors.
They helped you and sent you on your way 
with miles and dollars and wishes and hope.
Where but in a fairytale was a boy blessed with so many Fairy Godmothers?
Ladies and gentlemen of the land fell for you everywhere you went.
You were covered in prayer and love and many spoils.
From near and far, people sent you foods and presents.
We were simply blessed to be the family you were delivered into-
 a family somehow perfectly equipped to fight just for you.
Your dad worked hard to secure your every need and want.
The two of you were bonded in pride and joy, and work and play.
And as your mom I had the good fortune and simple luxury of caring for you.
You were my first priority and I was, of course, a devotee to my task.
Where but in a fairy tale does our boy have a sister so fair?
The sister that whole villages think not twice of caring for.
While we were tending to you,
Lists of lovely ladies came to her aide. 
She was able to live her little girl’s life
and all the while be there for you at the end of the day.
You graced us all with your good, sweet love,
your fight and your focus. 
You were incredibly intentional and hard working at your task.
And though we found to the best doctors in the land,
No amount of love and effort would yet keep you here with us.
Science is still a few clicks of the rubik’s cube away...
We have to trust with Hope and Faith
that we in fact have a happy ending, we simply cannot see it.
The happy ending will be revealed as we join you once again.
Your fairy tale shall have one thousand happy endings.
Every one you’ve ever touched will keep 
a little bit of your magic burning within them.
Your spirit will live through us and be a force of goodwill, authenticity, 
and childlike devotion to those we love. 
Thank you for being our special boy.
We will love you happily ever after, Hans.