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Hans was a busy, happy, sweet and fearless three year old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He fought his disease like a "gladiator" for nearly 6 years. Hans was an animal lover to his core. He was 'guarded' at home by his three cats, Black, Orange and Cotton. He also had his Golden Retriever, Honey, to keep him company. Hans enjoyed swimming, biking, gardening, grilling (he had his very own grill!), horseback riding, playing video games, building Legos, and flipping between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. Hans loved all members of his family and he was a loyal friend. He had to go through a lot of treatment in his life. But Hans powered through it. His attitude was let's get this done! His motivation was always to get back home, to his family, pets, favorite foods and pool.

Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Home, if only for 36 hours

We got discharged yesterday! Hans is OKAY. He has an ANC (450), he had no platelets (less than 5), and his HGB came up on its own to 11.8. We are just waiting on platelets to come up. We have to leave EARLY tomorrow morning to see if we make counts for the Stem Cell Harvest. This process could go Weds, Thurs, possibly Friday. OR, we may try it once again on Monday/Tuesday. It all depends on how his counts look, and then what his cells actually do in the collection.

Sorry I didn't update sooner, but you might be able to imagine the whirlwind of 36 hours at home after an "unplanned" 8 days away... laundry, pick up scrips, Halloween decos down, a few Thanksgiving decos up, quick food shopping, food prep for HOME food! Hans got another Homebound session in - he's maybe had a half dozen this year. And, gosh, we're still not fully unpacked because the floors are still going in. It's insane!

It may be exhausting to go back and forth for Stem Cell, but that's the plan, so long as we are not readmitted. Hans just hasn't had quite enough of HOME, so we'll do what we gotta do. We gotta keep our little dude happy and comfortable. His major compalint is these GCSF shots he is getting daily. I'd say he HATES them. I hold him, and Kevin gives the shot. I think Kevin hates hurting him more than Hans hates getting the shot. I've got the best deal going there - holding Hans. We just have to get the daily shots 'til stem cell. It's not fun, and his poor arm is all bruised up now that he has virtually no platelets.

All the while, our eyes are on the prize. We need to get cells if possible, get one more round of something in him, and then, we'll fully rescan, and maybe we can jump back into a more pleasant version of our life... stable or disappearing disease, mellow from-home therapy or trial... more home days than hospital days, more walking the dog, more home food than not. That's what we're working towards.

Thanks to Mayada for the card, and to my old coworker Tanja for hooking Hans up with the Lego Donations Center! Wow, I guess Aunt Susy sent a letter too. Two boxes have arrived... I'm not sure from who... maybe Lego or maybe another Lego Fairy??? So sweet!


Anonymous said...

whew! Im so glad Hans is doing better. I will be praying that all goes well with the stem cell harvest and that there is no readmission, that he gets in one more round and then some good news with the scans!!
Much love always, Jana

Halie Pigott said...

I am so happy that you are home! I am praying that Hans stays fever free and that they can harvest enough stem cells this week that he will not have to get any more shots! Praying for you guys!

Anonymous said...

Elated to know you have been home...and may be able to swing a home base! There really is no place like home!

Medals of bravery to the entire Weberling family! May all medical procedures proceed smoothly throughout the coming days!

WHOO HOO for Lego (I will send my THANKS!)! Yes, I did write a letter to them on Hans behalf, but I had not received any feedback! May Hans' engineering expertise be exercised daily!

Prayers, cheers, hugs, and BIG love from afar,
Aunt Susy

Anonymous said...

P. S. Does Hans have a specific Lego wish list?