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Hans was a busy, happy, sweet and fearless three year old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He fought his disease like a "gladiator" for nearly 6 years. Hans was an animal lover to his core. He was 'guarded' at home by his three cats, Black, Orange and Cotton. He also had his Golden Retriever, Honey, to keep him company. Hans enjoyed swimming, biking, gardening, grilling (he had his very own grill!), horseback riding, playing video games, building Legos, and flipping between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. Hans loved all members of his family and he was a loyal friend. He had to go through a lot of treatment in his life. But Hans powered through it. His attitude was let's get this done! His motivation was always to get back home, to his family, pets, favorite foods and pool.

Friday, June 24, 2011

Starting Round 25

Hans likes to try to jump right on the huge beach ball.

We got the all clear to start Round 25 of MLN 8237 tonight. We met our new home team and I think it is going to go really well. Dr. Marachelian is actually the head of the New Advances in Neuroblastoma Therapies (NANT - a primary NB Consortium) so Hans is extremely fortunate to have such brainpower on his side on both coasts. We liked the team and got some referrals to figure out our local care. It's kind of exciting to explore a new city. I haven't spent much time in LA at all and the hospital is right on Sunset Boulevard, so there is a lot to check out. We tried one place, El Chavo, for chips n salsa, but according to Hans we'll have to keep looking. Not a bad job - finding the perfect Mexican joint in LA.

I'm such a counter. 102 boxes to go. My goal is to do 10 boxes a day for the next 10 days... We shall see...

In sad news, Kevin's grandma Lorraine Weberling passed away early this week. She was a sweet, sweet lady. She'd just about kiss your face off when she saw you. I keep remembering that Kevin stayed with his grandparents while working in the cherry orchards in high school and college in Mattawa, WA. He'd have to be up and in the orchard by 5am. His grandma would wake up every morning to fix him a workman's breakfast of sausage, eggs, potatoes and toast at 4:30 am! She was that kind of lady. We hope that Kevin will be able to join his dad's side of the family for a small memorial next week. That's one of the blessings of being on this Coast; to be able to get back home when needed.


Anonymous said...

Oh, Kevin, I am sorry to hear of Grandma Lorraine's passing...she loved you dearly.

Hans looks as though he knows exactly what he is doing as he contemplates his relationship with that beachball!!! Great fun!

Glad to hear the new medical team is the best!

Keep us posted on the box project!

Love and hugs,
Aunt Susy

Anonymous said...

Hans looks wonderful! I am really excited about your care team there. My sympathy at the loss of Kevin's grandmother. I am rooting for you and your ten boxes a day!!! Always so glad I checked in on you!
Love and light,
Ashton Blackman

Anonymous said...

Very sorry to hear about Lorraine, she was a sweet woman.

Love seeing the pool get used frequently...we're in ours about every day, too. Nothing better to do on a hot day!

Nice that you've got a good medical team out there!

I moved some boxes around a few times before I unpacked them...looked in them, didn't need that stuff or really didn't know where to put it so just shut the box back up. Better luck to you!

Elle - I know I'm several years behind you, but I got hooked on sudoku :)

love and hugs
Aunt Holly and Uncle Michael