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Hans was a busy, happy, sweet and fearless three year old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He fought his disease like a "gladiator" for nearly 6 years. Hans was an animal lover to his core. He was 'guarded' at home by his three cats, Black, Orange and Cotton. He also had his Golden Retriever, Honey, to keep him company. Hans enjoyed swimming, biking, gardening, grilling (he had his very own grill!), horseback riding, playing video games, building Legos, and flipping between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. Hans loved all members of his family and he was a loyal friend. He had to go through a lot of treatment in his life. But Hans powered through it. His attitude was let's get this done! His motivation was always to get back home, to his family, pets, favorite foods and pool.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Greetings from Waikiki!

We made it! I never put it out there b/c I didn't want to jinx us...but here we are in Hawaii for Spring Break! It was a little touch and go there with the possible strep on Monday. But, it was a good call to push the flight back a day. I think my primary God-given gift is working the phones, pleading my case, and getting change fees waived! Hans is doing okay. What a good sport. He's very congested with a bad little cold. I brought an entire regular sized box of Kleenex with us on the plane. We got here in time today to go for a stroll along the beach and a dip in the pool. It's an 8 hour flight from Houston, but luckily it was really pretty comfy.

Now all we have to do is try to remember how to be on a real vacation. We're up for that challenge! We are just gonna hang out on Waikiki beach tomorrow, try to catch a wave or two on the boogie board. What a great venue for starting Round 21 of MLN8237.

Thanks for checking up on us!


Anonymous said...

Have fun - take lots of pics!!

G.Kathy & G.Dale XOXO

Charon said...

Aloha Weberling Family!

So happy you got to go on your much deserved vacation!! Have a super fun time.

Anonymous said...

Aloha - yeah! Catch lots of waves and 'hang loose'. love, pl

Shannon said...

So super happy glad that you made it! I hope that you all have a fabulous time :)

Enjoy! Shannon

Anonymous said...

So glad you all made it !
Have Fun!

bud elkins said...

gee - we are going all the way to Galveston tomorrow! Congrats on a great trip and have fun.

debi said...

Have fun and ENJOY your family time!
Love you !

Kate said...

So happy for you guys -- have SO MUCH FUN and enjoy every moment!!!!

Anonymous said...

Be sure to see the humuhumunukunukuappooappa while you're snorkeling!!!

G'ma Stephanie

Anonymous said...

Oh, double WHOO HOO!!!

I am delighted you have arrived...what a fabulous time for all of you!

Exactly what is the exotic.... humuhumunukunukuappooappa...that G-Stephanie mentioned?????? ! Whatever it might be, I want to see a picture of YOU with IT...please!

Have BIG fun!

Love and hugs,
Aunt Susy

Roxie said...

So glad you made it! Enjoy the healing spirit of the islands. Take lots of photos and have a mai tai for me!

And wow, your kitchen looks fabulous!!!!

Looking forward to seeing you all soon.