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Hans was a busy, happy, sweet and fearless three year old when he was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. He fought his disease like a "gladiator" for nearly 6 years. Hans was an animal lover to his core. He was 'guarded' at home by his three cats, Black, Orange and Cotton. He also had his Golden Retriever, Honey, to keep him company. Hans enjoyed swimming, biking, gardening, grilling (he had his very own grill!), horseback riding, playing video games, building Legos, and flipping between Nickelodeon, Cartoon Network and Animal Planet. Hans loved all members of his family and he was a loyal friend. He had to go through a lot of treatment in his life. But Hans powered through it. His attitude was let's get this done! His motivation was always to get back home, to his family, pets, favorite foods and pool.

Sunday, March 14, 2010

sam and sydney

As soon as I made the last post, I made my usual stops along the Internet - two of my favorite sites happen to be: www.teamsam.com and wwww.carepages.com/carepages.sydneymarie
I couldn't believe what I read, both of these two kids, 10, and 9 years old lost their battles with NB on Friday.

I've been following these two kids for at least two years. Each family offered something unique to the NB world. Neil and Margot, Sam's parents, have trotted the globe to hunt down a cure. They were among the first to respond to my questions and queries about relapse options. Rhonda, Sydney's mom, writes Sydney's updates with this infectious optimism, infused with the belief that we can actually save these kids. Sam and Sydney were active, bright, sweet and special and wonderful. I keep thinking, if these parents couldn't save these two, with all the love, the commitment, the compassion, the best doctors in the world, what hope is there for the rest of us?

Just like each of our kids are special and wonderful; with NB, without NB, with Autism, Down Syndrome, or the Gifted and Talented students, or the captain of the cheer or football teams. These are our babies. The love we feel for our children transcends all things. When your child has a life-threatening cancer, I believe that that LOVE motivates every single action you make.

Moms like me don't just write our blogs to keep you up to date on the ups and downs of one kid's blood counts. It's not just about one child. One child opens your eyes to this whole little world where there is this injustice, this unfinished business of finding a cure. We hope that this window will open your heart and propel you into the action of making a change. Each loss underscores the need for action, i.e., funding ongoing research until a cure is found. We must be motivated to do do more, and to do better, because there are angels amongst us.

PS - the counts update - Hans didn't quite make counts today (Monday), but he's showing improvement and is better than halfway there.
Thanks to Kathy, Holly and the Conlon Family for supporting Kevin in Shaving for Seany!
I'll get to pictures in a day or two, promise, we've got some good ones to put up.


Anonymous said...

Well put Lara.

Love, Kathy

Anonymous said...

Lara, thanks for reminding us we can all do a little more!

Kim Tyler said...

Beautifully and passionately delivered Laura. Don't ever give up hope! Your love is powerful medicine in itself. Thinking of you every day.

Anonymous said...

What beautiful words and what a remarkable woman are you.
I think of your family daily.
Pat K.

Anonymous said...

Lovely words expressed by a lovely woman with great love and hope!

May love and hope continue to appear to Sam's and Sydney's families in so many unexpected ways.

Love and hugs,
Aunt Susy